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erasmus group
erasmus group

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Max-Planck-Gymnasium is situated in Karlsruhe in the southwest of Germany, close to the French border. It provides formal upper secondary education for students aged 10 to 18. Currently 996 students attend the school and 93 teachers work here. Our priority is to ensure high quality academic standards to help students get their A-levels and guide them to further studies in higher education while at the same time supporting them on their way to grown into independent adults. To achieve this, we developed innovative approaches towards education. A lot of emphasis is put on cross-departmental, project-oriented and topic-centered learning, which can for example be seen in the natural sciences. Apart from traditional science classes, students also attend courses in which they work on joint projects hands-on, combining various aspects of technical applications and the natural sciences across the curriculum.

Max-Planck-Gymnasium also puts special focus on arts by offering students to specialize in this field through curricular subjects and a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities and clubs promoting students’ creativity and special talents. Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in academic and creative contests to further strengthen their interests. Alongside academic support, students can also rely on assistance concerning personal or learning problems. Just recently, the school set up a new approach to unite social educator’s, school counsellor’s and career consultant’s services.

We are convinced of continuous and lifelong learning and development; therefore we are open to changes and testing new methods in order to keep up our high standards, which the school was also testified last year by independent evaluation.

With Karlsruhe being a bustling city with renowned universities, museums and public institutions, the school can rely on many co-operations with facilities outside school. This also helps us to fulfil our mission to educate students not only regarding the subject related content but also support their personal development.

For the current topic “Stars in Europe”, we also benefit from a unique location: being situated in a suburb, the school is surrounded by forests and gardens and at the same time within easy reach of the city center. This enables students to heighten their own awareness of their natural environment and provides us with the possibility to do project-oriented research on site. On top of that, the school is equipped with its own astronomical observatory, making it the perfect basis for observations of stars and the night sky.

The school participated successfully in a European project under the program of Comenius in the years 2008-2010.



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