I.S.I.S. “Pitagora”

Istituto Statale d'Istruzione Superiore “Pitagora”
Piazza Livorno n.2
Montalbano Jonico
+39 835691026
+39 8535691582

I.S.I.S. “Pitagora” is located in the south-east of Italy near the Ionian Sea. 

Our Institute is made up of two different High Schools placed in two different small towns, the main building is in Montalbano and the other one in Nova Siri.  They both offer different ranges of school education. 

 In Montalbano there is:

  • The Scientific High School. Science, Physics and Mathematics are its core subjects together with Latin. Its didactic goal is to educate students through scientific and humanistic studies. 
  • The Social Studies High School. Law, Economics, Philosophy and Human Studies are its core subjects. Its didactic goal is the acquisition of competences in the field of social and psychological studies.
  • The Music and Dancing High School. Dancing, Singing, Playing musical instruments are its core subjects. Its didactic goal is the acquisition of skills in Drama and musical performances.


In Nova Siri there is: 

  • The Classical High School. Ancient Greek and Latin, History and Philosophy are its core subjects together with Maths, Biology and Physics. Its didactic core is the formation of a mature and responsible student, ready to face successfully any kind of path at University.
  • The Art School. Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Audiovisual Design, Architecture are its core subjects together with the History of Art. Its didactic goal is the acquisition of skills in the technical and artistic field.


Common Features:


  • English, Italian, P.E., Religion are tough  as compulsory subjects in all the different branches. 
  • ICT,  Drama, Cambridge English Courses (B1/B2) are offered as optional subjects.
  • Afternoon activities and international projects  are organized  in order to keep the school updated so that the students can express themselves freely and in a successful way. 


What said before, together with modern approaches, flexibility and continuous  teachers’training have always been the strongest points of our school teaching and education. 




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