Dates of mobilities and other activities

No. Description of mobilities and other activities Destination country (for mobilities only) Approx. start date Partners involved

Forming Erasmus+ groups

Every partner will form an Erasmus group at their school made up of students and teachers who will coordinate and work on the project over the next two years. A "Erasmus corner"will be created in every school that contains information about the project, about its development and about the transnational visits.

  Sep/Oct 2016 All partners

Initial meeting of all partners in Policoro/Italy

Organizing a preparatory meeting of the participating staff 
Looking through the activities of the project 
Setting up general rules for project implementation 
Presenting the prepared material about the involved partners

Italy 19-23 Oct 2016 All partners

Creating an e-Twinning twinspace and a twitter account

The twinspace will be the place for communication among students and teachers to stay in touch, share ideas and results and keep track of the project. Students will create their personal profiles in November.

The twitter account will be used for dissemination purposes.

  Nov 2016 Greece

Having mystery skype meetings

All partners will have individual mystery skype sessions with all other partners to get to know each other and "break the ice".

  Nov/Dec 2016 All partners

Creating the website for the project
The website of the project will be the central information hub. It will gather all the materials created within the project, information about the development of the project and its dissemination, reports, illustrations and details about the mobilitites and general information about all participants.

  Nov 2016 Germany

Choosing the logo of the project / Competition
Every country will design and propose three logos and all participants can vote on their favourite logo on the website. So the most suitable logo will be chosen in an online voting.

  11-18 Dec 2016 All partners

Activities on a range of topics

Erasmus groups in each country meet to do first activities centering around the project, e.g. classes on Pitagoras and the golden ratio in Italy, modules on astronomy in general in Germany, astronomy in literature in Lithuania, visit of observatories in Greece.

  Dec 2016 All partners

Preparation of the mobility to Greece

Translation of the posters on the Antikythera Mechanism sent by the Greek colleagues

Preparing interdisciplinary lessons

Preparing presentations about our own schools and countries to be shown in Greece

Evaluation of questionnaires

  Jan-March 2017 All partners

Mobility to Greece

 Greece 26-31 March 2017 All partners

Preparation of the mobility to Lithuania

Preparing videos to present our schools

Choosing a traditional recipe for the European cooking workshop

Choosing a national leader and preparing a presentation on him/her for the workshop in Lithuania and the e-guide

Preparing interdisciplinary lessons

Updating the "Erasmus corners"

Evaluation of questionnaires

  April/May 2017 All partners
11. Mobility to Lithuania Lithuania  1-5 May 2017 All partners

Building of astronomical devices

Circle of Hipparchus (Italy) and sun dial (Germany) were built on the school campuses to stay there permanently

  June/July 2017 Italy, Germany

Preparation of the mobility to Italy

Choosing a literary work to present in the Café Litteraire

Introducing students to TED talks

Lessons and workshops on the equinox

Preparing interdisciplinary lessons

Updating the "Erasmus corners"

Evaluation of questionnaires

  July-Sep 2017   All partners
14. Mobility to Italy Italy 19-24 Sept 2017 All partners

Educational Conference in Greece

Two teachers submitted a paper on their interdisciplinary lessons which was accepted for the conference

  Oct 2017 Greece

Activities on a range of topics

Visit to the National Observatory in Athens, Eratosthenes' Experiment, Masterclass on particle physics (Greece)

Visit to the Kraichgau Observatory and the Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy/Heidelberg, broad range of artistic projects on "Stars in Europe", cross-curricular class on "Astronomy and Philisophy", participation in national "Astronomy Night" (Germany)

Studying the position of stars, analysis of the Temple of Hera in Metaponto (Italy)

Creating the e-guide on leadership, visit to the Vilnius observatory (Lithuania)

  Jan-April 2018 All partners

Measuring light pollution

Using the app "Loss of the Night" to measure light pollution in different places in Europe.

Exchanging and discussing results via eTwinning

  March 2018 All partners

Preparation of the mobility to Germany

Reading and discussing the science fiction short story "The Star" by Arthur C. Clarke, doing activities on the story.

Choosing a traditional dance to be performed

Choosing artistic items to bring for the final exhibition

Preparing interdisciplinary lessons

Updating the "Erasmus corners"

Evaluation of questionnaires

  Jan-April 2018 All partners

Skype meeting among all partners to do an online quiz

Greek colleagues created an online quiz on the short story "The Star" to test the comprehesion and knowledge of students. The quiz was done simultaneously in all countries to prepare the activities on the story in Germany

  April 2018 All partners
20. Mobility to Germany Germany 4-9 May 2018 All partners

Educational Conference in Greece

One teacher submitted a paper on their interdisciplinary lesson which was accepted for the conference

  Oct. 2018 Greece

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